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Moving away from 3D Custom Girls

This is not news or anything, just random rambling/showing I'm still alive while I work on stuff.

In the past few months, I've tried to update my Pixiv with a new story at least once per month. I obviously failed to properly do this, and as I was working on a new 3DCG sequel, I figured that's probably because I don't really enjoy doing it as much as I once did. I also noticed in my big list of random ideas and stuff that even though I rarely release a new 3DCG story anymore, the list of ideas to use for 3DCG stories is shrinking (I haven't made a full story that's not a sequel in ages!). I'm using a lot of my time and 'creativity' on making eroge now, and feel like it's my 'main thing' now.

Therefore I've basically decided to not force myself to make a lot more 3DCG caption stories. That doesn't mean I will stop doing it (as I said, I'm working on one right now), it just means that it doesn't have my priority, especially with the date I want to release Mistress Degree on drawing close. I still use the program to help me with my poses and designs for drawing (although I'm slowly able to move away from that too), and I will release at least a few more 3DCG caption stories. Basically, I will finish the ideas I still have on my list (A sequel to Princess, a few more sequels to Kaiyo, and a new story), and then slowly move away from it while possibly making another sequel once in a while.

That doesn't mean I will stop using my Pixiv, though. I will still come up with ideas that don't fit in a game or are short, but I will most likely be switching to drawing those ideas (in the form of comics or in other ways). This will allow me to practice and experiment a little more, and hopefully one day help me draw something decent.
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it's nice to see you want to learn and try new things. Every work of yours keep getting better than the one before it, so indeed you are making a progress in the right direction. Good luck !

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