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Because of increasing problems with my internet connection, I've decided to write this entry a bit early to try to publish it now that I at least have some connection.

Names. I'm not very good at thinking them up, but because of Japan being the location I can just keep using Japanese names. But that still leaves 2 other names to think up.

The first one being the name of the game itself. 'Teacher' is just a development name, I have no intention of actually using it as the real name. I do want it to have something to do with the teacher intern though, and possibly something with the game's femdom theme. Suggestions are more than welcome, if I don't get any I really like I will probably use a pretty retarded name like "At This Rate I'm Never Gonna be a Real Teacher!".

The second name is the circle/'publisher' name. The Necromancer was more of a 'filling in something random' when making my Pixiv then an appropriate circle name. It has nothing to do with the fetishes in my work and might even suggest things I don't use, like necrophilia. If I can't think of anything else and nobody else has a good suggestion I will probably just use The Necromancer, but as I'd have to keep using it for every future project I'd prefer not to.

Just a single thing worth mentioning in terms of progress this week.

- One new CG event scene
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Hi Necromancer,

how about "Lessons for Life" as the game title.
Perhaps "Teacher in Trainning" or "Toy Story".
Well ok the last one was a joke^^.

I think it is kinda hard to suggest a publishing name, because I dont know your preferences.
I mean do you want a name or a acronym?
For acronym I got the idea of "We love Femdom" or just "WLF" or something like "The Necromancer Femdom Erogame Productions" NFEP.
If you want a name I would suggest the opposite of Necromancer which would be Cleric^^.
Like I said I think that your publishing name should be something that you like.



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  3. storm87 #-
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Re: storm87

I really dig 'Teacher in Training'. That's clever. Unless something even better comes along I'll use that, thank you.

As for the publisher name, I was thinking about something that references to femdom but isn't too direct. I use him as an example too much, but I think Riumu's Msize is clever. (referencing to the in Japanese femdom commonly used 'M' for the masochist while being something in itself too)
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hi there.

i was reading your entry and then a name came up into my mind: "Extra Classes", as being something done apart from school, but with a hidden meaning

as for publishing name, i don't know, sorry.
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  3. Diamond #-
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Re: Diamond

I like Extra Classes, but it somehow feels more at home for a game where the MC is a student to me. I might use it for a future game. Thanks for your suggestion.
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It seems like you already have a few title ideas, honestly I kinda like your idea of naming it 'Teacher', it's simple, vague, and making it one word seems to make it a little more memorable in my opinion. But for the sake of brainstorming I'll throw out some ideas :

My Teacher, Miss Mistress, School-Mistress, After Class, Teacher Needs Teaching, Grade 'A' Domination, Extra Credit (or X-tra Credit), Teacher's Pet, Learning my Lessons, Teaching Class, No Class... I think that's all I got.

As for a new name, this is a little more trick, but if your main interest is femdom then maybe :

- Matriarchy, or My Matriarchy, or The Matriarchy
- Matriarch, or My Matriarch, The Matriarch
(for your love of women being in charge)

Hope these help, and awesome screen shots by the way, it looks great so far!
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Re: Anon

The problem I have with naming it just 'Teacher' (besides that there already are works with something close to that name), is that I would keep the 'one word or name' way of naming I've used until now and would feel like I'd have to keep using it for the sake of consistency.

Although there's a lot of good suggestions in there, for now, I'm sticking with Teacher in Training because it captures both the teacher being an intern and the hidden meaning well.

I really like The Matriarchy as a publishing name. There's a good chance I'll go with this.

Thanks for your comment and suggestions.
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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