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Time for some random rambling to take my mind of things. First of all, thanks for everyone who applied to be a beta tester already, it's a little over 10 people now I think.

Second of all, I've been picking up speed now a little more since my release goal is (as you could've seen from the beta 'poster') to have the game ready somewhere around the end of August/early September. I'm mostly drawing during the day, and writing during the night. I noticed I was getting close to the different endings of the main route, but in number I have quite a few scenes left to draw. Partly because there will be 5 different endings to that route, but mostly because it's been a while since I've worked on the side route. It's shorter than the main route, but all in all it still has quite a few scenes and I've only drawn three of them, while I've drawn 15 scenes for the main route now.

So since I was in the mood for it anyway, I've started drawing for the side route again today and will probably do some writing for it later tonight. I've already drawn yet another character state for Freya, and am about to finish up that fourth scene.

I will be busy and unable to work on anything next weekend (and the days around it because of getting ready/resting up afterwards, but I hope I will be able to have about 24 scenes done by the end of this month, because 5 scenes a month after that should be doable (I'm done with both backgrounds and character states now unless I decide to add some more) in combination with finally doing some programming and adding stuff like music and sound effects.

Sorry for making you read useless information like this, but it helps me put everything in order in my mind and at the same time shows you I'm still alive. And a wall of text like this will also make me feel like I should post a screenshot in my next update. :P Anyway, thanks for all the support and don't be afraid to comment or message me about anything, I read and get motivated by it all.
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On your way to being better or atleast as good as Msize, maybe not in art yet but as far as story goes you are right around there.

And as for art, I thought your hand drawn stuff looked pretty decent. And I bet since youve been doing alot of it youve really brushed off the dust and improved since last game.

Am really looking forward to what youve made! I think you could start selling them
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Re: Anon

Thank you very much. I post screenshots once in a while so you can see how the new game will look. Not a great deal better, but a little cleaner in some ways. Right now it's mostly speed I'm improving on, because I have to use the same style for the entire game. By the end of drawing this game my drawing speed will have probably improved enough to step up the art quality a little more for the game after it.

Mistress Degree will definitely be a free game, but I do have plans for making a game for selling afterwards. I haven't bought every single one of the eroge I've played myself though, so when the time's there I won't stop a free download from spreading (you can see buying the game as a way of supporting me). I also plan on doing a free project besides it.

But those are all plans for a long-off future, for now I'll concentrate on releasing this game as soon as possible. :P
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