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For me, programming is the most boring part of making an eroge game like this. So because Ren'py does a lot for me in terms of standard menu's etc, I ended up mostly just drawing and writing until now and probably until the last few weeks of development.

That didn't stop me from thinking about what I still have to or want to do though, and as I was writing another CG event scene, I thought of what might be a problem: I've been experimenting and going 'out of the box' with some scenes. For example, several scenes start with a few slides, but go back to 'normal' dialogue and sprites for a while and than the CG slides continue later. This means that in a CG Event Gallery I have to
A) show the 'normal' dialogue too
B) cut the normal parts out even if it's strange
C) split the events into seperate events in the gallery
D) make the gallery a collection of CG Event images only, without dialogue.
Right now, I'm leaning to D, because the player can make is/her own CG Event Gallery with dialogue using saves. And even though the game is longer and has a lot more event scenes compared to Teacher in Training, it also has an infinite amount of saves: there's 10 Auto-Save slots, 10 Quick-Save slots, and 8 pages of normal saves with 10 slots each, but with the possibility to use the next page button to go even past page 8 of the normal saves for as far as you want (Well, it might not be completely limitless, I haven't tried going past page 30, but you probably won't need more than 300 saves).

Oh, and I kind of promised a screenshot, so I'll post an image of a nude Freya sprite.
Freya nude
I wonder if the pubic hair needs mentioning? At the moment it's not adressed at all in the story since I couldn't think of a good way to do it, but I can try again if people feel it should be adressed. :P
I also thought about making a non-pubic hair version because I realize not everyone likes it, but I decided against it as making something like that optional would mean I would have to make a lot of things optional (since stuff like 'clothes or no clothes', 'make-up or no make-up', and 'glasses or no glasses' are a matter of taste as well).
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Honestly, I'm not entirely sure what you're talking about when it comes to 'normal' dialog, but when making a CG gallery I would think that you would do D. I mean from what I've seen, I think most eroges only have the CG Events within the game's gallery and if you want to share the rest of the images you can create a file on exhentai. Also I think 300 saves is fine... actually 10 saves would have been fine with me, but I guess 300 doesn't hurt XP

And finally, you're the artist man so if you think Freya should have pubic hair then you're more then welcome to include it without having to worry what everyone may think (personally I'm totally ok with it, and kinda prefer it actually). And as always, keep up the good work, I'm looking forward to playing the game even more now, it sounds and looks better and better every time you discuss it and show off sneak peaks of it :D
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Re: JManime

Hmm, I didn't really explain that well. With 'normal dialogue', I mean when there's talking outside of CG events. In for example Msize games, when you use the Gallery the dialogue is still there (or one of the galleries, I think Msize games might actually have both a CG gallery with the dialogue and one with only the CG event pictures). But in my game, there's scenes where a CG event is 'happening', but after a few slides the scene is interrupted: For a while there will be a character sprite like the above one on a background, and later the CG event will be continued with the rest of the slides.

So the 'dilemma' is that if I make a CG Gallery that keeps dialogue, I have to decide what to do with those interruptions, whether to cut them from the CG scene in the gallery or not.

But if I only make a CG gallery for the actual slides of the CG events, so without the dialogue, players can make their 'own' CG Gallery with dialogue by using the many saves. Since officially there's 34 CG scenes, a player can use the first 34 saveslots to save right at the start of each. Or if a player wants to cut out the 'interruptions', they can split a CG event scene with an interruption up between two saves: one at the start of the scene, one for when the scene continues.

Not sure if that clears it up, but I can't explain it any better. :P
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