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Now that the monthly updates have ended I'll try to keep the people that take the time to check out this blog up-to-date with a list of the work I need/want to do on the game before beta-releasing it. I'll add something to the list whenever I think of it, and cross it off when I'm done with it.

> Fix mistake in one of the scenes
> Add all images to game database
> Add sound effects to game
> Add music to the game
> Add screen effects to the game
> Make/implement dummy credits
> Add different endings to the game and making one of the endings unlockable
> Finish writing story
> Fix the shitload of new errors since last testing
> Fix save/load menu overlapping issue
> Fix main menu background image
> Either make things appear on the background for the main menu or improve the art of the background image
> Fix character state with annoying floating pixel
> Make a CG Gallery
> Test game myself and fix any typos/issues I notice
> Change temporary game name to final game name
> Make/add game icon
> Clear test savefiles and create a clean beta test executable
> Write down any info the testers need and send out the info + download link for the beta test
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( ゚Д゚)soooooon
  1. 2014/07/29(火) 19:22:40 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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One idea to help cross a couple things off that list (for the time being) would be to release an un-finished version for the beta test. So you can skip things such as the changing main menu background, CG gallery, possibly the game icon, and maybe even skip testing the game for typos and let the testers do that for ya. Otherwise keep up the good work, its crazy to think that this game is so close to completion :D
  1. 2014/07/29(火) 22:25:02 |
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  3. JManime #-
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Re: JManime

I thought about doing that when I wasn't sure if I would be on schedule, but now that I'm ahead of schedule I'd rather try and make the beta as complete as possible. Because since the CG gallery is not a standard Ren'Py function and my crappy programming skills and some tutorials will have to make it, it's very possibly there will be bugs and I'd rather have the testers find out than the 'general public'.

I could skip the main menu background as I'm not entirely sure what to do with it, but if I decide to make it interactive/changing after all I want it tested as well. The game icon I can skip but is mostly on the list so I remember to do it, it's not that much work (I'll just use a crop of Isis' face like I used Satomi's face for TiT and convert it to a .ico file). Skipping typo checking is a possibility since I generally don't like reading over my own work, but I'll have to go over it slowly either way since I kind of glanced over it when adding sound effects and I might have missed some places they should be.

I've been cleaning my new place today and will move in my stuff on friday, so I probably won't get much done until the weekend, but if I don't run into problems too big I should be able to finish this list pretty soon. The Gallery and writing the rest of the story will take the most time.
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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When I first saw this list I was like "daaang harison, gonna take you like 2-3 weeks to finish this" then I refresh the page like 3 times a day and see 3 things get crossed off
  1. 2014/07/31(木) 22:11:23 |
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  3. blkmage #-
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Re: bklmage

Sleep is for the weak, I spent my entire Wednesday and today moving from early in the morning, but have still been working on this every night until like 4 am. :P I will likely finish writing the story today and rest a little tomorrow, the day after that I plan to do a night shift again and hopefully finish the beta.
  1. 2014/08/01(金) 06:27:07 |
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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