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Back to the usual blogging schedule at last.

Although I do have some programming knowledge, I don't have enough to program something from scratch without spending a huge amount of time on it. Therefore, I'm working with Novelty for this project. Unfortunately, the software has pretty much been abandoned leaving some pretty major problems in the program unsolved (I may switch to Ren'Py for future projects).

The main problem I've run into is Novelty resetting variables when restarting the game. This means I can't have the player unlock things and keep it unlocked for future play sessions. There is a sloppy way around this, but it's probably going to take quite a lot of time and it would be be far from perfect.

Therefore the following question: should I include a CG Gallery with unlocked CG event scenes even though it won't work too well and will probably delay the release quite a bit, or should I not include this function? There will obviously be a save and load function, so the player could make his/her own gallery/recollection by saving before a CG event scene.

Working on a few things at the same time right now, so there's not much I have actually finished this past week but I did make a start on several things I just need to finish up.

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Honestly, I'm fine with just having the ability to save and load, but a CG gallery wouldn't hurt either. All in all, don't worry about the game 'remembering' your progress, especially if it's gonna be a pain to get it running.
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Hi Necromancer,

I can only say the same like the post before mine.

Good luck with your work.

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I've decided to just give it a shot to see if it works, but if I run into too many problems or think it's going to delay release too much I'll leave it out as I'm probably going to switch software for future projects anyway.

Thanks for the comments.
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