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After Mistress Degree

Now that Mistress Degree is close to release I'll ramble a little about what I would like to do after the release of my second femdom eroge visual novel.

My free time will likely take a nosedive after this month, so I won't have the free time to push out a lot of content. But I don't want to let this blog or my Pixiv die, so I'm planning to push out more content in the form of short comics or single pictures. Especially those pictures will allow me to experiment and mostly practice a little, because although Mistress Degree looks slightly better than Teacher in Training, the art still isn't good. I've taken too much shortcuts by zooming in too closely and couldn't figure out how to properly draw some things. Most of the improvement I've gone through concerning art while making Mistress Degree is speed: I can draw in this simple/not very good style pretty fast now, which will allow me to produce content faster in the future. But now that I've basically mastered my current style in terms of speed, it's time to improve the quality. During the making of a game I can hardly try something new since the entire game has to look the same, but with single pictures or short Artist CG's I can try to improve while still having something to show once in a while.

The first thing I'll do after finishing Mistress Degree is making a short black-and-white sequel comic to one of the routes. I don't know which one yet because the Beta Testers are the ones who can vote on what character they wouldn't mind seeing a sequel comic for.

Of course I do have some ideas for new games as well. One idea is making a free game where the main character ends up as a human toilet right at the start. After that there's a certain % chance for different girls to show up and use him in different ways, and with the right answers the player can move on with that characters 'story' and something different might happen during her next visit. The idea is that not only can you go through many simple storylines and endings, the game can also be updated once in a while with new girls, possibly written by someone other than myself.

Another idea I have would be a brand new game with a hospital setting. The main character gets in some kind of accident or has a decease and has to stay in a hospital for an extended period, but the nurses there aren't normal nurses. The game as I imagine it would allow the player to visit different rooms to talk to the nurses and possibly unlock a new scene, and with the right decisions you can get into a certain nurse's route/endgame. If I start this project I might make this a premium game as I'm going into a period of my life where I wouldn't be able to afford buying a new computer if my old laptop were to break down and would no longer be able to produce any content at all. But I wouldn't stop people from pirating it as that is something I do myself as well.

So I have several ideas for what do in the future and am always open to suggestions and might start taking commissions when I feel I'm ready as well. Thank you for everyone who follows me and has taken the time to comment, mail or help me test. I hope you'll stick with me as I continue to make hardcore femdom works in a world that doesn't have nearly enough content like it.
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i can't wait for the official release....estimated date?
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  3. koseki #-
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Re: koseki

I've thought about it for a while now, and I'm hoping to release it somewhere on the 17th of August (for my timezone, so this can be earlier or later for other people). It all depends on the beta testers that still have to test though, so I can't give any guarantees as it is partly out of my hands. I can send a reminder to everyone who hasn't sent in a report yet however, so I will get on that today.
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  3. The Necromancer #-
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Hope to see it soon

can't wait to play this game
  1. 2014/08/15(金) 10:21:42 |
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  3. Kaid #-
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