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Mistress Degree release

Mistress Degree release
Download here
  1. 2014/08/17(日) 15:33:41|
  2. College
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Thanks you!

  1. 2014/08/17(日) 18:10:08 |
  2. URL |
  3. Titania #MS4DxwAY
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Oh man! Thank you so much for putting in the scene I suggested!

Had a great fap.
  1. 2014/08/17(日) 20:53:12 |
  2. URL |
  3. Kiros_Xannon #-
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thank You. good job i look forward to either of your next two projects
  1. 2014/08/17(日) 22:07:02 |
  2. URL |
  3. xav #-
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Former US President

How do you manage to get the sixth ending? And shame on you for no best girl Selene scat scene!
  1. 2014/08/18(月) 04:28:23 |
  2. URL |
  3. George W. Bush #-
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Re: Everyone

Thanks for the comments, everyone.

I'd rather not reveal the way to get to the secret ending here, so I'll just give a hint: if you've seen all other endings, you've already unlocked it. You just need to get to it.
  1. 2014/08/18(月) 08:05:27 |
  2. URL |
  3. The Necromancer #-
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wtf, took me a year to find this game and it say "Could not execute ...mistress degree-1.0-all\lib\windows-i686\mistress degree.exe . exe.Is it missing?"
  1. 2016/10/13(木) 02:52:37 |
  2. URL |
  3. J #-
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Re: J

I just downloaded it to test and it works fine for me. This might be obvious, but make sure you've extracted everything with winrar or a similar program and not just one file or opening it in winrar itself. Open Mistress Degree.exe from the separate folder it's extracted to with all other files.

If that's not the problem the only other thing I can think of is you working on a newer version of Windows this game might not be compatible with. You can try compatibility mode, but other than that I can't think of a solution unfortunately.
  1. 2016/10/13(木) 12:04:51 |
  2. URL |
  3. The Necromancer #-
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I'm using window 7(service pack 1) and compatibility mode did not work. I did some test and realise any game with the lib\windows-i686 folder get the same error.
And I have the file that it said"missing".
  1. 2016/10/14(金) 01:16:46 |
  2. URL |
  3. J #-
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Re: J

If you haven't already you can try re-downloading everything. If that doesn't work I'm unfortunately out of ideas.
  1. 2016/10/15(土) 03:05:59 |
  2. URL |
  3. The Necromancer #-
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