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I just finished my first commission (well, the first one that actually happened), you can find it on my Pixiv page. It's a 3DCG caption story again for once, F/m for the first time for that medium for me. Credits for the story goes to commissioner KirosXannon.

Anyway, I haven't made a blogpost yet this month and thought I'd just list everything that's in my 'future plans' from near future to far-off future. I first about keeping this post updated, but I decided I'll just do one of these blogposts again when a whole lot has changed. Commissions will also have priority above all other projects, and for certain milestones I might also give priority to a project to commemorate it.

Secretly, this will also help me remember what I should be working on or what ideas I have since I don't usually write these things down.

Below #2 (Black-and-white comic)
For now the Below 'series' of femdom comic chapters is my 'main' project. After 'My Queen's throne' I wanted to continue making black-and-white comics a little more and so this project was born. It was supposed to be a little closer in vein as Mame's work (although obviously not nearly as good, especially in terms of art) so there's no direct plans to include scat in this femdom work although I'm not completely opposed to it if anyone brings a solid and fitting idea to me for the series that includes it or I think of one myself. Creating multiple panels from different angles to make a single scene is helping me think about those kind of things a little more and hopefully this project will help my next 'main project' (more on that on the bottom of the list) look a little better than Mistress Degree.
After I complete chapter 2 of the project Below #3 will take its place as my top priority, but unless a ton of ideas for this story will start flowing in it will end at 3 chapters and a total of around 60 pages (more like 50 if you don't count the covers and back pages).

Kaiyo 4 (3DCG caption story)
Kaiyo was originally supposed to be a very long 3DCG F/f scat femdom saga, but sometime after the third part I slowly started the migration to drawn art. I actually did start making the fourth part and finished about 12 pages for it, but busy times and a lot of other projects made me put it on-hold. I have it on the top of my list to finish in case I'm not able to push out a new chapter of Below in any given month and don't have a commission or something else to upload, but circumstances might still delay this one for a fairly long time. I will finish definitely it someday however, but it will likely be the last story for this series. Not as long a series as I had set it out to be, but still the most seperate parts of my 3DCG stories.

The Girl Who Remembered My Drink (Written story with occasional simple image)
This is a scat femdom story I have been writing and publishing in short chapters on a femdom forum for quite a long time now. Since Pixiv has increased its story character limit by a lot I want to publish it on Pixiv as one huge entry when it's done (in a few more chapters, actually), but with the addition of some simple drawn images where I see fit. The story itself will actually be quicker to finish than Kaiyo would be, but with me not liking to re-read my own work it will take longer to do that and think of some simple images to draw and include.

Magicial Dominatrix Femdom Girls (Colored imageset)
I actually started this project while I was waiting for the final votes to come in to decide what Mistress Degree character would get a sequel comic. It is a somewhat comedic series of picture about magical girls with a femdom theme. A few pages have been finished so far.

Maya part 2 (Colored imageset without backgrounds)
Yes, I remember this one as well. It's the first entry on this list I haven't already drawn or made some pages for, but it hasn't been forgotten.

Princess 2 (3DCG caption story)
I was always planning to give the Princess story two parts, but it never happened. This will probably be the last of my 3DCG stories I give a sequel (unless a sequel for something is commissioned), but I still want to do it since Princess is something quite different from most of my work.

"Tabletop RPG" (Black-and-white imageset)
This is still in the 'idea' phase and doesn't have a title yet. The idea is to have one or more somewhat nerdy/geeky girls invite a guy to play a tabletop RPG with them, but the game ends up being very femdom themed and the girls gang up on the guy.

"Third game" (Eroge game)
On the bottom of the list for now, but will move up to be my next 'main project'. The idea I had (and will probably still use after this one) for my next free femdom game is probably still a little too reliant on talented writers willing to team up with me so I thought of a different version of that.
The basic idea is to make a scat-based femdom game that is a little heavier on story. As you might have noticed I like the 'shy girl slowly turns dominatrix' theme, but I always end up rushing to the next fetish scene. In this game I want to simply tell a story that is still heavy on fetish adult content, but also has a simple story in between.
More info on this one will come sometime in the future.
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