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Pixiv series

Pixiv has added a new series function. For a more convenient reading experience experience I've added most of my submissions to different series. Read more
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Changes on The Matriarchy Patreon

It's been a while since I made them, but due to a lack of time to work on Veil of the Lotus at all in the past months, I've decided to make some changes to The Matriarchy Patreon. Aside from the character sprites added to the rewards, some rewards have changed to allow me to have some time left to work on the game and not just on single image pictures. Single picture commissions are no longer a reward, instead you can give ideas and suggestions in the Patron reward Discord chat for what single-image picture I'll work on next.

Normal commissions are closed for now as well and will stay closed for the foreseeable future.

Aside from this I am no longer actively blogging or replying to E-mails and other messages to save time. I appreciate your concerns/thoughts/compliments/suggestions, but if I have nothing useful to say I will usually not reply. I'll still read your message, of course.
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Teacher in Training version 1.1

Teacher in Training

This is a new version made by Aziien. Unlike the old release, this should work on OSX and Linux. It has improvemed functionality and a CG event gallery. This was completely done by Aziien and therefore there's no new content in terms of art or story (I think I may have added a single line somewhere?).
Read more
  1. 2017/03/31(金) 12:37:37|
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Patreon now accepts PayPal

PayPal is now a possibility for adult Patreon pages again. So anyone who doesn't have a creditcard but did want to support Veil of the Lotus on Patreon (and get images early, vote in polls, join the hidden development board, get a scene in the game by request, or get the game before anyone else) can now do so at The Matriarchy Patreon.

I also set Patreon to up-front payments due to high amount of people subscribing but cancelling their pledge before the end of the first month.
  1. 2016/12/14(水) 12:08:41|
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Another Hana extra

  1. 2016/12/01(木) 14:32:16|
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